Thursday, March 4, 2010

NYLON - A Fetish

American Fetish deals with many fetishes, including nylon. This is an extremely popular fetish, with culture easily accepting it, and in fact many commercial enterprises make a great profit pushing nylon on the public. Women love to wear nylons and garters; men love the look of it and fell of it also. Last century silk and nylon stockings caught on greater as skirts got shorter, and a 'glimpse of stocking, sometimes shocking', as the song goes, was a huge turn on. Tights and pantyhose are another kind of fetish, sometimes more secretive than garter and nylon. The photo on the right was from the key art shoot of the movie; I shot this photograph in the living room of my house. The model was Ryan Kelly, a well known fetish model. The playing cards inside the PH was an idea I got from being a roadie on tour with the group 'THE TUBES'. The dancers could not be nude on stage, so they wore PH and put the cards over their privates...and keep out of jail! I adapted the concept and created an amazing icon for American Fetish. See the film at:

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  1. I'm a big nylon fetishist and i can't wait to see the movie.

    BIG thumbs up for making it. Indeed, fetishes are so widespread - and nylon in particular - that it's both a wonder and a shame that there's not more movies really dealing with this fascinating subject.

    Keep up.
    Greetz from Croatia,